Logo, Vision & Values


The logo of Rāwene School was designed and introduced in 2005.  It depicts the setting sun across the harbour and the distinctive windows above the school entry foyer.  Designed by past student Aidan Quitta, the logo refers to Rā-hauene, an earlier interpretation of the name Rāwene, with reference to the setting sun.



(Leading the Way to Success)

 At Rawene School 'KA ANGITU' - 'Leading the Way to Success' determines success at all levels of the school.  For our students in their learning and in their lives, for our staff in their learning and their lives, for the way we manage our school, for our school whānau and our community.  (adopted in July 2015)


At Rawene School we encourage and model the values, principles and intent of the New Zealand Curriculum with special emphasis on:

Pūmautanga - excellence, thinking 

Rangatiratanga - leadership, managing self

Auahatanga - creative, using language, symbols & text

Kaitiakitanga - protection, guardianship

Manaakitanga - respect, participating & contributing 

  Whanaungatanga - connections, relating to others 

These values are incorporated in our School Curriculum and Behaviour Management Plan.


'ehara mōku, mo te katoa'

(Not for Oneself, but for all)